Our group event on Friday - one volunteer had to decline

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Our group event on Friday - one volunteer had to decline greg 2/26/11 10:50 AM
hi everyone -
unfortunately, wes told me thursday that he recently got a day job (good!) but that means he will not be able to help with our noon project on friday. if you recall, he was one of the volunteers at the table who was going to show students how easy dual booting is with wubi.

looks like we need an alternate volunteer, and perhaps more, to help at our lunch cafeteria 'introduce others to linux' event. if you're interested, email the list or come to the meeting on tuesday at 4:30 pm in L413.

wes would have emailed this himself but he has not been added to the list yet.

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 4:34 PM, Timmy Shih Jun Yee <yu.s...@masterofpi.org> wrote:
Hi everyone!

This is Timmy, the treasurer of the
almost-getting-really-close-to-becoming-official CCSF Linux User
Group. ;)

Below is the minutes of this week's meeting:

People who were at the meeting had some delicious chocolate cake. The
cake is not a lie! ;)

What Linux gaming needs is marketing (i.e. spreading the word of
quality games available natively for Linux). Wine is a hit-or-miss
with some people because their games might not work it (and if does,
it may involve many complicated steps). Emulators work great for Linux
because many open-source emulators tend to be cross-platform.

We discussed a little bit about talking about open-source alternatives
first before talking about Linux.

Patrick presented a few designs for the CCSF LUG logo. He commented
that some were too cute and some were too mean-looking to be
considered incorporating into the club logo. The club is in need of a
graphics artist.

Amazingly, CCSF LUG still does not have official status with the ICC.
Keith and I are figuring out what's up with that.

The topic that took up most of the club meeting time was about
advertising Linux and the CCSF LUG to random people on campus (i.e.
Phelan campus). Ramon suggested that we set up laptops in the
cafeteria and show off the awesomeness of Linux (i.e. show, not tell).
Greg helped out on how to do all of this. We have decided to set up
laptops in the cafeteria on the Phelan campus on Friday March 4 at
noon. Please let us know if you can make it to that time. We need all
the help we can get. :)

Two people showed up to the meeting in the last hour, Chuck and Wes,
and the discussion shifted to about how Linux is installed on
computers. We talked about dual-booting and Wubi.

--Timmy Yee