iTunes vs. Google Play

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iTunes vs. Google Play Sharon 5/2/12 6:20 AM
I have lots of music in iTunes ... Google Play for music is new to me ... but today I am seeing a lot of discounted albums that interest me ... 

  1. Why would I want to change from iTunes to purchasing from Google Play ... what are the advantages (I am betting there are some...after all it's Google!)
  2. What is the format of the music in iTunes compared to Google Play?
  3. How would I get my iTunes music into Google Play compatible format? (Would I have to burn it all to CD and then re-rip it?
  4. Can all of my music be stored on Google Cloud once it is converted?
  5. What am I not thinking of that I should be before converting ... or should I even convert?
FYI I do not have any Mac devices ... it's all Windows (sigh Hal... not now...) ... or Android ... 

Thank you!

Re: iTunes vs. Google Play Travis Davis 5/2/12 6:49 AM
 not even ubuntu
Re: iTunes vs. Google Play Sharon 5/2/12 6:59 AM
Ok I give ... who is going to sit down with me and show me these other operating systems to which I have blindly ignored?  My curiosity is finally getting the better of me ...  ... although I know better than to look.


On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 8:49 AM, Travis Davis <> wrote:
 not even ubuntu

Re: iTunes vs. Google Play Bryce Dorr 5/2/12 7:46 AM

1) the cloud, also, mp3.

2) itunes is aac, Google Music uses mp3

3)  you can upload itunes songs directly to Google music

4) Up to 20,000 songs

5) currently, you can only upload 20,000 songs.

6) we can liberate you tomorrow.

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Re: iTunes vs. Google Play Sharon 5/2/12 10:33 AM
2) Don't need to convert iTunes songs?  (i.e. record to CD and re-rip?)

3) are there any limitations to this?

4) Google Play/Cloud ... don't I need access to wi-fi at all times to play?  Would rather have on my device since I don't have that many...but Cloud as a backup is not a bad idea ...

5) I don't have 20,000 songs ... Scott might, but I don't.  

6) liberate as opposed to educate?  

7) How is the Cloud storage related to (if at all) to Google Drive storage?--
Thanks so much!


Re: iTunes vs. Google Play Bryce Dorr 5/2/12 10:42 AM

2) nope
3) nope
4) you can save songs for offline play on your phone, and use your data connection. You can download your songs, too.
6) education is the first step towards freedom.
7) I don't think they have merged Google music into drive yet.

Re: iTunes vs. Google Play ax0n 5/2/12 11:15 AM
I just buy my music from wherever has it available online for the lowest cost. I can turn apple AACs into MP3s with a shell script. Amazon gets points because their cloud player works on most OSes and smartphones, and they make it easy to download everything. Amazon Cloud drive integration is nicey nice. iTunes has some more obscure tracks and occasionally better prices. I have yet to use Google Play for music.
Re: iTunes vs. Google Play Bill (hevnsnt @ i-hacked) 5/2/12 11:27 AM
I am so dependent on iTunes for Podcasts.  Yes I know there are alternatives, but are there BETTER alternatives?
Re: iTunes vs. Google Play Luis E. Rodriguez 5/2/12 12:18 PM
You can set the encoder in iTunes to MP3 and convert those AAC files to MP3. The unprotected ones, :) I had a co-worker who needed that to get a bunch of songs on to some other device and select or right-click | convert to MP3 worked great. But maybe AAC is readable by other services. Only one way to find out! Try some songs!

Luis E. Rodriguez