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Servers for you Cinus 4/12/12 4:14 PM
If you need, I have 2 servers I would like to donate:

1u supermicro was in the space already, not sure what it was used for at that time
Specs: 2 Tb, 4 Gb, Quad Core Intel (not sure on model)

Re: Servers for you Luis E. Rodriguez 4/12/12 4:42 PM
As long as it serves a greater purpose than mine craft. ;)

Sounds great, I'll let the network peeps confirm though. But I can't imagine no being the answer.

Luis E. Rodriguez
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Re: Servers for you Sharon 4/12/12 5:04 PM
Have they not reeled you into the 8 bit side Luis?  8-P
Re: Servers for you Cinus 4/14/12 7:28 AM
I would like to drop these off next week, before Thursday preferably. 

Is Dave at the space during the day?

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 6:42 PM, Luis E. Rodriguez <> wrote:

Re: Servers for you Luis E. Rodriguez 4/14/12 8:38 AM
Usually, not sure when. Dave?

Luis E. Rodriguez
Re: Servers for you Cinus 4/18/12 9:33 PM
Re: Servers for you Philip Dorr 5/4/12 9:52 PM
Do you Have the rails for the servers?