Faery Escape: Atlanta

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Faery Escape: Atlanta Ted Skirvin 4/13/12 2:27 PM

FE:A is a convention dedicated to fairytale folklore and fantasy. It
will be June 15th - 17th.

I'll be in charge of gaming for the con. We won't have a dedicated
gaming room so we'll only have a little bit of gaming interspersed
among the panels in one of the panel rooms.
Re: Faery Escape: Atlanta Ted Skirvin 4/16/12 8:06 AM

Here is the website:

Re: Faery Escape: Atlanta Ted Skirvin 6/5/12 10:05 AM
Okay, there have been some changes. There will be a dedicated gaming room. The room will be in operation Saturday and Sunday.
The gaming room and dealer's room are open to the public. No convention badge is needed for these rooms. You need a badge for all the other rooms.
On Sunday(11am-3pm) I'll be running a fairy-themed RPG using Fudge as the system.
There will be a "opening of the court" Friday evening. Essentially, it's an opening night party. No con badge is required for the event.