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Example XML Andrew McCaffrey (NIST) 11/15/12 2:50 PM


At a training session earlier this week, it was asked if sample XML
could be made available.  Our intent is to either publish samples here,
or to provide a link here to their permanent home.  There will be more
information once this has been coordinated.  Thanks.

Andrew McCaffrey
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Re: Example XML Andrew McCaffrey (NIST) 11/21/12 7:54 AM


Attached is a generic cancer registry report sample XML file.  Note that many required codes / values are not included (so some attributes / elements are left blank) which means that missing items will be flagged as errors if you were to run this XML through the tool as is.  Hopefully this will provide some assistance for folks who are looking for samples.

There may be a separate home for these artifacts in the future, but for now please feel free to use this area to share.  Also feel free to share any sample XML you have with the community (obviously with no real information included).

Re: Example XML Andrew McCaffrey (NIST) 12/3/12 12:45 PM

Attached is an updated sample with the corrections made to the OIDs as discussed in an earlier thread.

Re: Example XML Jim Dow 12/7/12 12:02 PM
Thank you much for providing an example.  I was searching all over and could not find one until I found this google group.

Jim Dow