Retrospective Log Analyzer – 10 licențe gratuite pentru JUG București

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Retrospective Log Analyzer – 10 licențe gratuite pentru JUG București Ioan Eugen Stan 9/27/12 11:09 PM

Așa cum v-am promis, punem la bătaie 10 licențe gratuite pentru
Retrospective Log Analyzer oferite de Centeractive AG.

Sper să le folosiți cu succes. Am redat mai jos mesajul primit de la ei.



We are a Swiss software company called centeractive ag and as part of
our marketing campaign we have decided to offer your JUG 10 free
Retrospective Log Analyzer licences (worth 58$ each), which is a new
tool we have recently developed.

To get your free licence you need to register at: quoting the following code:
Then you can go directly to the download site:

We are sure you will enjoy the following cartoon that gives a brief
explanation of the key features of Retrospective:

Some interesting features that are unique to Retrospective are:
- search / tail (monitoring) of  logs on Linux hosts over SSH and on local disks
- log entries split
- column-split, log4j support
- date auto-parsing in logs, support for 90% popular formats (search
in logs considering date of entry)
- filters (contains, date, etc.)

The licences are absolutely free with no conditions attached and no
trickery involved. The only thing we would be grateful for would be if
you could provide feedback about the product with one of the following
- Posts on our forum:
- Short blog entries (please inform us at
so we can link it to our website)
- Tweets on Twitter (@centeractive_ag)

Our company is “community & user-friendly” and we would appreciate
proposals concerning any improvement on new features. Any serious
advice/comments will be considered when we prepare the next version.
We publish a new version approximately once a month so for us it’s
very important that we receive a valuable feedback from our future

Our roadmap includes:
- SSH keys support
- database search / tail support (table, view, query)
- windows host search / tail support
- hierarchical search
- command-line tool

centeractive ag team

P.S. Here is the link to the documentation and the screencasts:

Ioan Eugen Stan / CTO /