Fwd: Invitation 17 October: Join us at the first Agile Nocturne in Bucharest!

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Fwd: Invitation 17 October: Join us at the first Agile Nocturne in Bucharest! Ioan Eugen Stan 10/2/12 1:57 AM

Am plăcerea să anunț încâ un eveniment dedicat celor care codează: Agile Nocturne organizat pe 17 octombrie la Cegeka, gazda noastră pentru JUG#5 cărora le mulțumim pentru găzduire și sprijin.

Mulțumim de asemena și lui Cosmin Ene care s-a ocupat să medieze discuțiile cu Cegeka.
Un exercițiu de scrum și Xp pe 17 Octombrie.

Multă baftă,

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Date: Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 11:17 AM
Subject: Invitation 17 October: Join us at the first Agile Nocturne in Bucharest!

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Join us at the first Bucharest Agile Nocturne!

Dear ,

Software development is a passion. And at Cegeka, we’re even more passionate when we can do it the agile way. Closely cooperating and interacting with colleagues and customers results in shorter delivery times, better business-ict alignment and respects budgets. Want to find out how we practise what we preach? Join us Wednesday 17 October for our first Agile Nocturne, a hands-on session on the agile practices SCRUM and eXtreme Programming.

Unlike a Code Retreat, our Agile Nocturnes promote not only XP practices but also Scrum, and how we apply them in real situations and cases.

Agenda Agile Nocturne Bucharest

  18.00   Registration: give participants package, first reception  
18.15 Kick-off
18.45 Planning meeting
19.00 First iteration
19.50 Break
20.00 Scrum and second iteration
20.50 Break
21.00 Scrum and third iteration
21.50 Break
22.00 Retro
22.30 Feedback
- 0.00 Gift for participation and closing reception

Register quickly as the number of seats is limited!

Kind regards,

NOTE: Participants should have at least one year experience in developing with Java EE. 

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Practical information

  Date   Wednesday 17 October  
Registration fill in the registration form on our website
Venue Inside software (Cegeka subsidiary)
92-96 Izvor Street, District 5
Bucharest, Romania

Ioan Eugen Stan / CTO / http://axemblr.com