I got ban in this forum.

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I got ban in this forum. tat ming chan 5/4/12 7:38 PM
Sorry,but i really cannot find any help & contact page for my issue.
I have to register another google account to post.

After i post this subject :
Is it the correct to call blogger API on JSONP?

I got deny to access to this forum, i don't know why.

My forum name is Cheung Tat Ming, mcpming$invisible_me$@gmail$dot$com

A tooltips said error #555 or #371.

It is strange i just start my first post here and got ban account.

Thanks you for help.

Re: [bloggerDev] I got ban in this forum. Brett Morgan 5/5/12 2:14 AM
I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure what happened there. I have unbanned your original account. 

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Brett Morgan

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Re: [bloggerDev] I got ban in this forum. ieva .... 5/5/12 4:01 AM
HI ! I can't find headre wrapper in my template, can you help me ? Here is my blog, i want to deleted borders around header:http://eviadreamerphotos.blogspot.com/