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Post label via email Phan Nguyen Truong Phuc 6/28/12 9:36 PM

Can I attach the label for the post on blogger via emails?
For example, on posterous we can do the tag on title etc...

Hope to receive feedback,
Re: Post label via email Alain-Christian 6/29/12 4:09 AM
A giant +1 to this suggestion. Maybe revamp e-mail posting as a whole while you're at it? I haven't played with it in years so maybe you added this in the interim but is it possible to attach media to the email and have it posted with the blog entry?

Of course if not many people are using e-mail posting at the moment maybe it's best to start small. The label functionality would be a welcome addition.
Re: [bloggerDev] Re: Post label via email Brett Morgan 7/2/12 3:31 PM
Thanks guys! I've logged that as a feature request.


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Re: [bloggerDev] Re: Post label via email Koji 8/17/12 10:51 PM
Excuse me but if Posterous can send labels to Blogger via API, why this API is not available for others like PHP, Perl, e-mail etc?

Using Posterous to do this proxy is not that good. See that:

Em segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012 19h31min05s UTC-3, Brett Morgan escreveu:
Re: [bloggerDev] Re: Post label via email Karen Hollander 4/22/13 7:46 AM
Please log this suggestion again. I would really like to update my blog via email and only make sense that you are able to label the post while you are at it. It suggests the you end your post by #end then why can't you add "hashtags" to "tag" or label you post?
Re: [bloggerDev] Re: Post label via email Medya Gh 10/30/13 7:09 PM
this feature would be really helpful, 

does anyone know if there is an update on this feature request?
Re: [bloggerDev] Re: Post label via email Mark Allen 10/31/13 7:57 AM
+1000 to this: I'm using the Evernote Web Clipper to post interesting things, and the tags are getting lost in transit.  Apart from this specific use case, it's just such a useful thing to be able to do and was one of the really good usability features we lost when Posterous disappeared...

M 11/1/13 12:40 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: [bloggerDev] Re: Post label via email Caroline Alemany 11/14/13 3:27 PM

Re: Post label via email Canarias Despega 11/16/13 6:03 AM

I found how!, 

You can use IFTTT 

El viernes, 29 de junio de 2012 05:36:28 UTC+1, Phan Nguyen Truong Phuc escribió:
Post label via email sandhi mardiansyah 12/4/13 6:28 AM
use this tool