can't get a specific post using post id

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can't get a specific post using post id chekguy 4/30/12 2:37 AM
my platform doesn't support any of the client libraries provided. so i'm relying on XML/HTTP basic protocol.{blogid}/posts/default returns all the blogs. Now i need to select a specifi blog. I tried{blogid}/posts/default/{postid} to get all the content from a specific post. But this still comes back with the summary along with other other information about the post. How can I retrieve the full content of a blog entry, from its post id?



Re: [bloggerDev] can't get a specific post using post id Brett Morgan 4/30/12 4:01 PM
What platform are you developing for? Can you use JSON? 

My guess is that you have turned on display to jump-break on your feeds, and you haven't authenticated to in you hand written API client.


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