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Belvidere Wildcat Football Amie 3/29/12 8:04 AM

Dear Board Member,

Sal's Studio would like to submit a bid on your league photos and make a
personal presentation at an upcoming board meeting.

Would this be possible?

If your league is open for a bid, can you provide me with an address to send
a hard copy or I can e-mail a custom bid in .pdf format?

If a board meeting would be helpful, let me know when and where and I will
contact you to confirm.

Thank you for a response (either way).

Amie Baldridge
Sales Manager

P.S. A littLe about our service

1. SAL offers a generous 20% rebate on all sales!

2. SEVEN DAY PER WEEK CUSTOMER SERVICE: Parents who have questions or
concerns can reach a live representative 7 days per week up until 8 pm on
weeknights and 7 p.m. on weekends.

3. Well-staffed ON TIME picture days: Sal's is very specialized on youth
sports, we know how to run a great photo day!

4. FREE ITEMS; Personalized sponsor or coach plaques, free team photos for
coaches, a free 8x10 and button added to any order!  Nobody does more for

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