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Re: [beagleboard] How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G

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Re: [beagleboard] How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G Maxim Podbereznyy 6/12/13 8:09 AM
Why do you need Sakis3G? I did just usb-modeswitch + pppd (pon provider). Huawei E352

2013/6/12 DMT <>
This guide is intended to help new (and perhaps experienced users) to setup and use a 3G modem on the BeagleBone Black running Angstrom Linux by using the Sakis3G script. 

*Note: The following steps should be run in a terminal window as root user. If you are accessing the BBB from USB and you don't know how to open a terminal, open in the web browser on the host PC. If you are working on the BBB or using another terminal client and you are not logged in as root user (root@beaglebone:), use the following command to change the terminal window to root: 
You may need to enter the root password. If you didn't specify a root password, just hit enter/return.

*Note: Don't type the #, it is simply used in this text to indicate that it is a terminal command.

Download Sakis3g from http:\\
If the site is down, try looking at
You can download the file directly from the terminal window by using the wget command:
#wget ""
*Note: the alternative download location does not point to the file itself, you will have to go and get the url yourself.

Navigate to the directory/folder where you have saved the file: (example)
#cd downloads/sakis3g/

Extract the content of the file:
#tar -zxvf sakis3g.tar.gz

Make sakis3g executable. In the same directory/folder as sakis3g run:
#chmod +x sakis3g

Update packagelist: (needed to make sure the latest packages are listed)
#opkg update

Upgrade packages: (recommended but not compulsory. may take long)
#opkg upgrade

Install glibc-ultils:
Development utilities from GNU C library. Needed to recompile and run sakis3g and to compile the embedded usb-modeswitch utility. usb-modeswitch are used to switch usb modems from storage mode to modem mode.
#opkg install glibc-utils

Install libusb and development headers:
Needed to compile the embedded usb-modeswitch utility in sakis3g.
#opkg install libusb-1.0-0
#opkg install libusb-0.1-4
#opkg install libusb-1.0-dev
#opkg install libusb-0.1-dev

Recompile Sakis3G:
#./sakis3g recompile

Run Sakis3g in interactive mode:
#./sakis3g --interactive

In Sakis3G, recompile the embedded usb-modeswitch utility:
(usb-modeswitch is used to switch USB modems from storage mode to modem mode)
From the interactive menu choose:
2.More options...
  -> 5. Compile embedded Usb-ModeSwitch
Thats it. I hope I didn't miss anything.

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Re: [beagleboard] How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G DMT 6/13/13 2:31 AM

If I understand correctly, Sakis3G is simply a shell script that does just that. However, the benefit of the Sakis3G script is that it is interactive and easy to use for beginners.

There are a lot of info out there but not many examples are written so that beginners can easily follow (perhaps I've missed them). If you would like to add a nice step-by-step for setting up a 3G modem without the sakis3G script, it would be nice :-) 

Re: How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G 8/26/13 12:53 PM
going to oder a BBB for a tracking project i wonder if there is a list of "compatible" 3g dongles?
Re: How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G 10/1/13 3:01 AM
When I try to run sakis3g, I get this message:

Unable to locate dependency "getent". Script will now abort.

The getent command is not available on the BeagleBone, but it is on my PC. Does anyone know how I can install this in Ångström?
Re: How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G sky Chen 2/18/14 11:09 PM
Same problem
unable to locate dependency "getent". scipt will now abort.
have you found solution yet?
Re: How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G 2/22/14 2:49 PM
Yep, I solved it. It was quite a while ago though and I'm no longer sure of the exact steps. However, I believe it had something to do with installing a package called glibc to provide getent.

However, I didn't end up using Sakis3G because the 3G modem was used in a commerical embedded application and had to be automated. If you wan't the same kind of automation it is fairly easy to set up pppd with a chatscript to control the modem. There are various guides on the web to be found about this.