Re: [beagleboard] Which build to use? Angstrom, yocto or ??

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Re: [beagleboard] Which build to use? Angstrom, yocto or ?? Koen Kooi 10/8/12 6:22 AM

Op 7 okt. 2012, om 22:38 heeft agou <> het volgende geschreven:

> Hi, there
> I am a newbie and trying to write some driver for my own camera board. I am struggling with this build setup for a months or so already.
> I was using:
> 1. The angstrom demo image and tried cross-compile using the CodeSourcery tool chain a little bit;
> 2. Then I decided that I should write the driver in kernel to support hardware, and I was trying to use Yocto for that purpose. I could get the image booting, but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate my kernel source.
> I am looking for any suggestions/advice on which route I should start? I am hoping with a little more investment on the linux/distribution learning, I could achieve a decent/expendable distribution in the future.

Starting with the yocto 1.3 release, Angstrom *is* yocto certified, so stick with angstrom.