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Re: Rebooting Angstrom OS for Beaglebone

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Re: Rebooting Angstrom OS for Beaglebone Dan Watts 10/2/12 1:29 PM

I'm not a Mac user, but as far as I know the instructions on that Raspberry Pi page are mostly correct for a compressed Beaglebone img file, but be sure you have an SD card .img file and not some other format.  

I think your best bet is to download the image file from Circuit Co ( and use a Mac utility to decompress it (such as the Mac version of 7zip).  At that point, you can follow steps 5 and on from the Raspberry Pi page.


On Tuesday, October 2, 2012 1:26:54 PM UTC-4, Danny Gelman wrote:

I want to reboot Angstrom CLOUD9 IDE on my microSD for the Beaglebone.  

I have been following these steps: along with reformatting my SD cart to FAT using the Disk Utility on my MAC OS (10.8).

Plugging in my microSD back into the beaglebone - I get no heartbeat and I cannot ssh back in.  When I plug the SD card back into my MAC my mac cannot identify the microSD and I must reformat it again.

What is the problem here?  Is there a different method to burn the image on the SD?

Re: Rebooting Angstrom OS for Beaglebone Danny Gelman 10/4/12 11:05 AM
Yes, I was burning *.img.gx.  My fault!