Button press interrupt confused?

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Button press interrupt confused? meino....@gmx.de 10/3/12 9:53 PM

(I am using Robert Nelsons kernel, updated and built yesterday.
I did not touch any GPIO etc settings.)

this morning I noticed something curious regarding the interrupts of
my beaglebone/LCD7 cape:

After a fresh reboot I did

    cat /proc/interrupts

and get (beside other things) this

    208:          0      GPIO  left
    209:          0      GPIO  right
    211:          0      GPIO  up
    272:          0      GPIO  down
    275:          0      GPIO  enter

. Now I press each buttons (left/right/up/down/enter) of the LCD7 cape once.


    cat /proc/interrupts

now gives me:

    208:          0      GPIO  left
    209:          2      GPIO  right
    211:          2      GPIO  up
    272:          0      GPIO  down
    275:          2      GPIO  enter

Q: Why is the right/up/enter button counted twice and there is
no count for the left/down button?

Thank you very much for any help!
Best regards,

Re: Button press interrupt confused? Drew Fustini 5/29/13 10:58 AM
I'm having a problem with both the LCD3 and LCD4.  Pressing the buttons seems to often cause an overwhelming auto-repeat sequence.  At first I thought it was lack of debouncing, but my /proc/interrupts look reasonable: https://gist.github.com/pdp7/5670685  I've tried two BBB A5a with the May-20 image.

For the buttons that do work for you, do they work "normally" or do you see an erratic auto-repeat like effect, too?

Re: [beagleboard] Re: Button press interrupt confused? bandwidthcrunch 5/29/13 11:32 AM

Had similar problem on a custom 3730 board , turned out to be a pix mux issue, some pull up down uboot changes and  Xorg had to be started with a -r arg

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Re: Button press interrupt confused? David Anders 5/29/13 9:14 PM

iirc the gpio button driver generates an interrupt on the down press and another on the up release... so you should get two per button sequence.

the left/down buttons have pinmux issues that are being checked now.... should have an update soon...


On Wednesday, October 3, 2012 11:54:03 PM UTC-5, Meino....@gmx.de wrote: