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BayHac '12 Venue Mark Lentczner 3/6/12 8:59 PM
BayHac '12 is currently full, and there is a wait list!

Alas, this year the Hacker Dojo can only give us space for 35 people. They are in a bit of a jam with the city and permits, and for now, they are tightly constrained to the number of people they can have at an event. Since last year, aside from the workshop, we peaked at 27 hackers, I went forward with the space.

However, we are now full and have 4 on the wait list(*).

So - if anyone has a lead on an alternate venue for Saturday and Sunday (we should be fine for Friday), let me know. Desirable traits are:
  • free
  • somewhere on the peninsula, the closer to Mtn. View the better (as people have already made plans based on the location)
  • within a 20min. walk of CalTrain.
  • space for about ~50 (can't imagine we'd go over that....)
  • internet for same.
- Mark

(*): If you were thinking of just dropping in, you might to go ahead and get on the wait list too!
Re: BayHac '12 Venue Greg Weber 3/7/12 7:19 AM
How about the Hacker Dojo parking lot? I would actually prefer to be outside instead of stuffed inside all day long. Obviously rain can upset this, but it seems like the best option if we can't get a different venue. I assume Hacker Dojo has folding tables and chairs for us. It would be nice (particularly if it rained!) to have tents. So if Hacker Dojo is you can find out if Hacker Dojo is ok with that, we would then need to ask for leads on tents. The only downside then is that we can't use a projector outside for a presentation. However, last year during every presentation there were others that chose to hack instead of watch the presentation, so I think 35 people indoors is enough for that.
Re: BayHac '12 Venue baguasquirrel 3/7/12 11:07 AM
I like the thought of coding outside..

If we're gonna do the parking lot, why stop there? Why don't we just have a floating hackathon where we code in random coffee shops and reconvene at focal points like Lytton Plaza or the 21st Amendment?

Crazy idea, I know...

Arthur :: LittleBrick
Re: BayHac '12 Venue Sean 3/7/12 12:19 PM
Actually, The Reno Collective(coworking space) put on an outdoor 24 hour hackathon and did final presentation inside; it ended up being a huge hit and had a ton of walkthroughs.  It got a lot of community interest.  Outside can work well.

Re: BayHac '12 Venue Tim Sears 3/7/12 4:06 PM
Hi --
I am an attendee at BayHac and one of the Directors of Hacker Dojo. In theory we could hold an event in the parking lot. This will require a $400 Temporary use permit and somebody making several phone calls and half a day a City Hall.  Hacker Dojo might cover part of that, subject to approval from other directors and whether the permit will cover other events. The Dojo has no tent or other equipment for an outside event, but picnic style events with canopies have been successfully held there.

Let me know if you need any further information or wish to pursue this. Hacker Dojo was very proud to host BayHac last year. Our situation is that we must be careful to manage events according to regs.
Re: BayHac '12 Venue Greg Weber 3/9/12 12:02 PM
Mark, what do you think? We could ask for $10/person to cover costs. Tim, do you know how other groups go their canopies? This is getting off topic, but perhaps a permanent outdoor canopy could be a popular and relatively cheap way to add more space to Hacker Dojo.

Sent while on my oudoor lawn chair,
Greg Weber
Re: BayHac '12 Venue Mark Lentczner 3/13/12 4:08 PM
I mentioned this with Brian, and we're not sure that this really complies with the constraints from the city. Also the impact on the other tenants, and amount of organization and $ required probably makes this a non-starter.

I have been contacting some other local companies, trying to secure a space equally near downtown Mtn. View. My aim now is to continue to have Friday at the Dojo, but move Saturday and Sunday to a venue that can handle up to 60 or 70 people. We are currently at 35 + 15 on waitlist!

- Mark
Re: BayHac '12 Venue Tim Sears 3/28/12 8:50 AM
Sorry for the slow reply. I don't know how they got their canopies. Probably was catered. Party stores may rent them or local attendees might have smaller ones.