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Support Response Protocol David Pinero 6/10/12 10:02 PM
When posting a question or concern to the Battle Blog Support Google Group, these are the dispositions, and the only dispositions, you can expect from the original Battle Blog author:

Acknowledge / Fix Action.  I will acknowledge your report, commit to a fix, and report back to the group when the fix is in place and in line for release.  As well, I will try to suggest a workaround if available.
Acknowledge / Defer.  I will acknowledge your report, but defer to the group for a fix and hopefully a report that such a fix has been recommended and documented.  I will then seek to incorporate the fix in an official release.
Acknowledge / Concede.  I will acknowledge your report, but make no indication of intent to either fix or defer.  This can be frustrating but it is not in malice; I am simply unable or unqualified to act.

In the event of a concession you should expect no action from me as Battle Blog author, but you may nonetheless hope for commentary and/or solutions from other Battle Blog Support Group members.  Failing that, if the issue is of a particular caliber, you should discontinue your participation in the Battle Blog project.