Eastern Pheobe

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Eastern Pheobe Sarah Beth 8/2/10 5:32 PM
I spotted a little brownish-grey and white bird on my porch railing
this morning as I was drinking my coffee. I recognize all the regular
and semi-regular visitors to the feeder, but this little guy was new.
He stayed only a moment and was gone, but Mom and I both got a pretty
good look at him. So I grabbed my Peterson guide and she grabbed her
Audubon, and we went to work. We came up with the same conclusion:
Eastern Phoebe.

Pretty boring looking bird, but it stands out from sparrows with it's
thin beak and unmarked belly. I've never seen one before to identify
it, so this was pretty fascinating. It's the only flycatcher I've
spotted so far, but it proved me wrong in thinking (along with the
Hairy Woodpecker I saw yesterday) that I've identified all the birds
that are near my yard. I'm excited to see what visits next!

This morning was made even more exciting when a Red-headed Woodpecker
landed on the feeder only a few minutes later. We don't see them
frequently at all!