Borrow a Spanish/European power strip?

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Borrow a Spanish/European power strip? Ben West 9/28/12 12:22 PM

Might anyone have a 4, 6, or 8 outlet power strip suitable for
50VAC/50Hz power outlets in Spain?  I will be in Barcelona for about
1.5weeks, and I realized my various wallwarts will get thirsty!  I
don't need a voltage converter, since I'm only bring wallwarts than
sense 240V vs 120V automatically.

Ben West
Re: (Arch Reactor) Borrow a Spanish/European power strip? Chris 9/28/12 12:34 PM
if the things you are plugging in are US plugs, you can use a normal
strip and just put a plug adapter on the strip.  I have a set of
travel plugs, but I don't if any are for spain.  I can bring them in
on Tues if you want to look at them, assuming I can find it again,
having just moved I've seen a lot of my stuff recently but can't
always find it again :D