Red Bull Stratus

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Red Bull Stratus Derek 10/4/12 11:57 AM
Felix Baumgarter will attempt to weather balloon jump from 120,000 feet sometime on Monday.  In the less dense air he should be able be to exceed the speed of sound before the atmosphere slows down his terminal velocity.  Kinda like being Chuck Yeager minus the plane. :)

This is his 3rd in a series of elevated jumps, he has already succeeded at 71 and 97 thousand feet.

More details and the live streaming event at:

Re: Red Bull Stratus Gene J. (GeekTinker) 10/4/12 2:55 PM
I've seen the videos from his previous jumps.  This is going to be awesome!
Re: Red Bull Stratus HoyeBoye 10/4/12 8:00 PM
So it looks like it'll start at 7AM on Monday. I'm assuming it'll start with the ascent which is supposed to last about 3 hours. I'm thinking watch the takeoff, come back about 2 hours later and watch the jump. Looks awesome!!!
Re: (Arch Reactor) Red Bull Stratus Altered Ego 10/5/12 3:26 AM
The first man in space did it that way.  They just did a
profile/interview on him on NPR.  Pretty crazy.   They wanted to prove
the space program was viable and that a human could survive something
like this.  After he did it, they never let him do it again.....

Pretty crazy stuff.
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Re: (Arch Reactor) Red Bull Stratus Don Ellis 10/5/12 12:31 PM
Details of the first record (1960) at:

At bottom of article, points out Kittenger is advising Baumgartner's attempt. Like the first jump in 1960, this will test/prove latest space suit designs.