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Find my phone BlackTalon 9/28/12 1:20 PM
I need to cover some Pawn shops to find my Iphone 4.  I am thinking the best way to cover more ground is to get more people involved.  I am offering $100 to the person that finds my phone.  If we find it in a pawn shop I have the serial number and IMEI number so I can prove its mine and they have to return it.  These 2 numbers are visible on the settings\general\about icon on the phone.  If you are interested in helping me look, email me and I'll give you the info we are looking for.  There are 15 pawn shops in or near St. Louis.
Re: (Arch Reactor) Find my phone Frank Kallal 9/28/12 1:21 PM
can you just not Call them?  If they are going to Lie to you over the
phone then they will likely Lie to you in person about having it.

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Re: (Arch Reactor) Find my phone BlackTalon 9/28/12 1:28 PM
I think if I go and and ask to see the Iphone4 s they have they will show them to me.  Then if I check the serial numbers I will know.

If I call it will not work.