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(UK) ANIMAL ACTIVIST WINS £2.3M CASH WAR Animalconcerns Community 3/24/08 9:32 AM
The last remaining member of a league of animal activists has won the
right to keep the society's £2.3 million instead of handing it over to
the Treasury.And now Kathleen Hanchett-Stamford, from Sidmouth,
intends to give it all away to the Born Free Foundation.

The 88-year-old, better known as Kay, is the only surviving member of
the Performing and Captive Animals Defence League, set up in 1914 to
oppose the use of performing animals in circuses and films.

Members of the league used to invade circus performances, picket local
authority licensing committees and write to anyone who could make a

Mrs Hanchett-Stamford, a former model and retired antiques dealer,
told a weekend newspaper: "The league was the animal rights activists
of their day. I remember going to the London Palladium and seeing a
performing dog. I was sitting in the front row of the circle and stood
up and booed until the orchestra stopped.

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