generated appledoc inside of a framework

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generated appledoc inside of a framework Paulo Cheque 7/17/12 2:01 PM
Hi, is it possible to include the generated files (xar or html files) inside of a framework bundle in a way they are auto installed when the user include the framework in his app?

Or which is the best approach to distribute the documentation files? I do not want to use the feed system right now.

Thanks in advance!
Re: [appledoc] generated appledoc inside of a framework Tomaz Kragelj 7/17/12 9:57 PM
You can probably include html/docset inside resources bundle of your framework. Or make it available as separate download on your website.

In any case installing it to Xcode (such as your users would be able to option+click on symbols or search the, in docs) would require your users copying the docset to ~/Library/Xcode/Shared/DocSets (something like it, I'm not behing my computer so can't verify - take a look to appledoc source code to see default location, GBApplicationSettingsProvider would probably be the place).

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