migrate db.Model to ndb.Model

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migrate db.Model to ndb.Model Posey 3/23/12 3:16 PM
My current application is using a high replication datastore and the
GAE data store APIs.

I wanted to add caching to this datastore. For this reason I am
considering changing my models to inherit from ndb.Model instead of

Will the ndb.Model class be able to communicate with my datastore,
which currently contains entities that were put there using db.Model?
Or do I need to do some migration from the db.Model entities to
ndb.Model entities? Are they stored differently in the data store?
Re: migrate db.Model to ndb.Model Guido van Rossum 3/23/12 4:27 PM
The representation of your entities in the datastore does not change
when you switch your model from db to ndb. You could even have two
versions of the app, one using db and one using ndb, reading and
writing the same entities in the datastore. For a quick guide on
translating db apps to ndb, please study this "cheat sheet":

Good luck!


--Guido van Rossum (python.org/~guido)