Organizational setup of API programs

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Organizational setup of API programs Albert Heim 10/8/12 2:19 AM
Hi everyone,

as APIs and API programs are more or less new for many organizations, adequate organizational setups have to be discovered that enable the growth of an API-based app ecosystem.

Besides "normal" product development teams, an API team should, in my opinion, also include platform managers, marketing / bizdev / communication resources with a special focus on external developers. I'd say the team should basically consist of two groups, one building the api and the developer portal and the other one focussing on everything that happens to the outside world based on this infrastructure: API partnerships, developer community, hackathons, communications... etc.

What are your thoughts on this, how should organizations set up their API program internally? 

Thanks for your input!!

Re: [api-craft] Organizational setup of API programs Kin Lane 10/8/12 11:44 AM
Hi Albert,

I second this.   One of the most common reasons I've seen APIs stagnate and not grow is lack of internal business, marketing resources for the API.

With developers there can be a "build it and they will come mentality" with APIs.   Then when they under perform, they get axed...or budgets drastically reduced.

I firmly believe organizations need to embrace their APIs much like they did in early 2000's with websites.  

Bring in resources from business, marketing and even HR when it comes to talent acquisition.  

Of course all this is based upon resources, budget available.....but then again that is part of an evangelists job too--evangelize internally.

Kin Lane

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Re: [api-craft] Organizational setup of API programs Albert Heim 10/9/12 12:58 AM
Hi Kin,

thanks for your reply. The points you mentioned are one of the reasons why I posted this question..

How would you guys see the concrete organizational setup of the whole api team. Does anybody know how the teams are staffed at Facebook or Twitter?