power management on omap3530

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power management on omap3530 venkat k raju 10/9/12 2:16 AM
Dear all,

i want to work with power management on omap35xx based custom board.

can anybody suggest me from where from i can start it ?

like AFAIK 4 are power state
4)power  off

here i want to know what is run,suspend,sleep,poweroff modes significance  


my main aim is to cutdown the devices and interface power when they are not use.

Re: [rowboat] power management on omap3530 Chaitanya 10/12/12 2:08 AM
Tomorrow and day after tomorrow i'm free. I will look into GPRS then.
As for power management, i will post more link evening at 7pm wen my work is over.

On Friday, 12 October 2012 14:33:07 UTC+5:30, venkat k raju wrote:
Hi Sai,

thanks for reply

i am looking scenario exactly what you said!!
like "cutting off power supply to unwanted device and peripherals like camera,speaker,vibration motor etc"

And one more thing i was facing problem with GPRS connection 
the scenario something like this data enabled option disable and enable.

 logcat message  
equesting data connection to APN 'TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET'
D/AT      (  357): AT> ATH
D/AT      (  357): AT> AT+CGREG=1
D/AT      (  357): AT> AT^SGAUTH=0
D/AT      (  357): AT> AT+CGACT=1
D/AT      (  357): AT> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET",,0,0
D/AT      (  357): AT> AT+CGQREQ=1
D/AT      (  357): AT> AT+CGQMIN=1
D/AT      (  357): AT> AT+CGEREP=1,0
D/AT      (  357): AT> ATD*99***1#

here i don't get what is the problem first time these AT commands got successes OK response.
but if call  onRequest: SETUP_DATA_CALL function second time then these at commands responses are failed .

now i am working with testing people,then i got this problem if have time please check this once

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Sai Chaitanya Chitneedi <chaitany...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi vanakt,
sorry for late reply i was kind of busy...
If u r using OMAP35XX based board then i will assume it's PMIC will be  TPS65950 or similar.It's Data sheet manual is here - http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/swcs032e/swcs032e.pdf 
and u can find it's manuals at TI site i guess.
BUT the power states u mentioned are CPU/system power states.From what i understand, u r trying to do basic power management like cutting off power supply to unwanted device and peripherals like camera,speaker,vibration motor etc. when not in use. The above links will lead u in that direction(not directly but eventually). The link Arun mentioned deals with info on what devices stay active or inactive in each of the power states & try to optimize consumtion and not how to control and interface them. Interfacing them and getting power management to work in different(links i mentioned) AND Managing and optimizing the power consumption is different(links Arun mentioned) . Only one of these will help u. Choose which stage u r in exactly

If u get back on what exactly u r trying to do, i can help more.

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 3:08 PM, Arun Joseph <arunj...@ti.com> wrote:
Hi raju,

You can start with http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3.4-DevKit-2.1_UserGuide#Power_Management
Can you tell the exact SOC and the revision of your board?

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Re: [rowboat] power management on omap3530 venkat k raju 10/12/12 2:03 AM
Re: [rowboat] power management on omap3530 Chaitanya 10/12/12 1:24 AM