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Re: [android-porting] Re: Android kernel on Omap 3630/Palm Pre 2 kunal 9/30/12 11:59 PM
Thank you very much. I will let you know how it goes.

On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 1:14 AM, 0x0000ff <> wrote:
It would probably be better to obtain the kernel messages over ADB.  

First of all, you should make an image with a minimal userspace and the ADB program on a ramdisk. 
This site shows you how:  

Also, OMAPzoom have their own branch of the android source. You should be able to modify and compile the required binaries with this:  

After you've got this set up, with ADB terminal running on host, you should see the kernel boot messages that can be logged easily.  I plan to do this myself, but my hard drive has failed on me.  A new one is on the way, but until then...

I just want to say good luck.  We're all counting on you.

funerqq 12/8/12 7:05 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: [android-porting] Re: Android kernel on Omap 3630/Palm Pre 2 kunal 12/11/12 2:52 AM
The link doesnt open for me.

On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 8:35 PM, funerqq <> wrote:

Re: [android-porting] Re: Android kernel on Omap 3630/Palm Pre 2 funerqq 5/12/13 6:14 PM
in attachment. this increase rom to 1G , keep your phone have enough space  to android .

2013/5/12 Mayank Madan <>
I need too :)

On Friday, April 12, 2013 1:44:08 AM UTC+5:30, abcd efgh wrote:

I was able to download other files due to a posting on another thread. But I do not have the link to the

Can you email the file? What were the changes for OMAP3630?

On Saturday, December 8, 2012 7:05:29 AM UTC-8, funerqq wrote:
Android on palm pre2, I success.

在 2012年7月29日星期日UTC+8下午3时36分41秒,kunal写道:
Hello All,

I compiled Android kernel for Palm Pre2 (Omap 3630) using the instructions given here:

But when I try to boot Pre2 using this kernel (using novaterm (in recovery mode)) it doesnt work. It stays in recovery mode itself. I tried both compressed(zImage) and uncompressed(Image). Am I missing anything?

Also how can I create rootfs for Pre2? Is there any prebuilt available for any similar system like Pre2?

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