Any idea about Android OS upgrade ?

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Any idea about Android OS upgrade ? Vinayak 10/5/12 12:06 AM
Dear All,

   Does any one has any kind of guide or help for on-the-go OS upgrade from GB to ICS ? It is the firmware or OS upgrade from Gingerbread to ICS. I want a tutor kind of stuff to create a package to upgrade a package from GB to ICS.

Thanks in advance for help.
Re: Any idea about Android OS upgrade ? Weston Weems 10/5/12 8:02 AM
As long as you have a properly functioning recovery image, and the ability to boot into it, the upgrade is as easy as make otapackage. This will build a fully upgradable and you just need to add the proper commands to /cache/recovery/command file, before rebooting into recovery.

If however you dont have a properly functioning recovery, things become much much more complex (not impossible, but perhaps not worth the time)