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Background process limit HV 6/21/12 5:58 PM

 I'm looking at changing this to "no background processes" and wondering where I should tweak this in the code. I know that this can be done through Settings->Developer Options->Background process limit, but I want my release default to be zero. Could anyone please point me to the right file?

Re: Background process limit HV 6/21/12 6:09 PM
Oh I guess, I can look into ~/packages/apps/Settings
Re: Background process limit HV 6/22/12 2:28 PM
Ok, I now have a partial fix for this. I made a small tweak in ~/packages/apps/Settings/src/com/android/settings/ within onCreate() and now my default option is "No background processes". But, I realized that I have to go into the "Developer Options" page for this to kick in. 

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make this default WITHOUT going into this page? Appreciate any thoughts

Re: [android-porting] Background process limit Dianne Hackborn 6/23/12 12:09 AM
That setting is intended for development purposes only.  Android is not designed to run like this for production.

Why do you think you need to do this?

Dianne Hackborn
Android framework engineer

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Re: [android-porting] Background process limit HV 6/23/12 9:03 PM
understand that it's not normal, but this platform is running on low memory & I'd like to free up the entire memory once the app closes. I see that with "no background processes" there is huge improvement in free memory. So, I'd like to make this the default configuration

Re: [android-porting] Background process limit Siva Vanteru 12/13/12 3:28 PM
Hi Dianne,

 I totally understand the purpose of having background processes. Its mainly to do with Android and Its Multitasking abilities.

1. But Is it not defeating the purpose of multitasking if you allow every app to run in background (if it wishes to) even though you are not using that particular app at that moment of time. 
Second point i want to point out is 
2. I have Galaxy tab 10.1 , i use it to develop and as my daily device. When i am trying to use my device there are 25 apps running in the background at any given time. as i have around 100 apps. When i try to use my tablet whole experience is so bad and laggy UI. i am not able to do uni tasking forget about multitasking. Is it not defeat the purpose of multitasking.

I hope you understand the problem here. Sure you will if you put yourself inside Android Users Shoes.

Android is Awesome i think i could be lot better.

I appreciate if you can let me know if i am wrong.