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Re: Change default screen resolution Weston Weems 10/3/12 3:02 PM
if you have wide open access to the device, that stuff is usually at kernel level drivers. If the drivers include edid support, it should be able to gather the supported resolutions from your hardware and adjust accordingly.

Sometimes kernels support command-line parameters to setup the diff outputs. Without intimate knowledge of the platform, I'm afraid it'll be a wild goose chase.

Dont know if this helped at all


On Monday, October 1, 2012 1:35:32 PM UTC-7, Stefano Pirovano wrote:

I have a MK802 II running ICS. Unfortunately my TV seems to have issue with 720p, instead it works perfectly on 576p. ICS is set to boot into 720p and so I would have all the time after booting to revert through the setting applet to 576p. Is there any way (a config file? a kernel option?) to have the OS start by default in 576p?
Re: Change default screen resolution Stefano Pirovano 10/5/12 2:03 AM
It is actually the best answer had wherever i asked. thanks a lot. As I imagined, it easier to just replace my tv.... :)