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UIautomator vijay kumar 7/23/12 10:56 PM

I had just found a code snippet in worlspace/framework/testing/uiautomator . Need information on how to use it and steps to run test cases. Have following questions.

1. Is it similar to CTS type of thing.
2. Its a framework to automate UI?
3. need to run on PC or device?

Thanks & regards,
Vijay Kumar.E
Re: UIautomator RajaniKanth 10/8/12 2:27 AM
Hi Vijay Kumar,
                        It is a Android UI automation tool from Google which should be available in next release. It works similar to MonkeyRunner Tool  i.e. we can write Jython scripts to do full UI automation at widget level.

Just like Monkey Runner exposed MonkeyRunner, MonkeyDevice and MonkeyImage classes.

uiautomator exposes the following classes...

UiCollection - Used to enumerate a container's UI elements for the purpose of verification.
UiDevice     - Provides access to device wide states. Also provides methods to simulate pressing hardware buttons such as DPad or the soft buttons such as Home and Menu.
UiObject     -   UiObject is designed to be a representation of displayed UI element. This help tests define a single UiObject say for  * an "OK" or tool-bar button and use it across many activities.
UiScrollable -  Represents Scrollable widgets.
UiSelector   -   This class provides the mechanism for tests to describe the UI elements they intend to target.

Re: UIautomator Mihir Bhargava 3/24/14 12:25 AM
Hi RajaniKanth,

I am trying to test SIM toolkit application i.e. Broadcast/Flash messages on android device using UIAutomator.
These broadcast message are the once u get in following cases:
- Balance flash message you get after disconnecting call (on prepaid sim)
- Any USSD response message you get. (like to check balance *121#)

Can you help providing more examples/sites/forum for using UIAutomator. 

Few specific queries, would be glad if u help on it:
- How to catch any event/activity (trying to catch event of receiving broadcast message).
- Can


God Bless!