GCM w/ WiFi only tablets

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GCM w/ WiFi only tablets Anil Gorthy 10/15/12 9:57 AM

I have a use case where I need to update hundreds of tablets which are wi-fi only with my app and I want to use GCM to accomplish this goal. However, what I could not figure out from the docs is if I can register a wi-fi only device either w/ the IP (which might change based on the location) or using the development device ID or the wi-fi mac address. Which of the three that I mentioned are reliable ways of sending notifications to update w/ a newer version of my app? If none of these are the right choices, what are my options since I can't have a phone number associated with these devices.

Thanks in advance!
Re: GCM w/ WiFi only tablets Liza Jenifer 4/10/14 3:11 AM
If i talk about my self then according to me, also that the problem is the receiver's category - on 4.1 the category is not required anymore, hence the app worked. If you called GCMRegistrar.checkDevice() on onCreate() (instead of onClick()), it should have detected that misconfiguration.
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