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Android bug reports... cbazza 11/23/07 9:37 AM
While creating ME4Android I came across some problems
with Android that I would like to report back to Google.

** 1 **
Provide a way to read any file from resource folder using
its original filename. This would basically provide a
similar facility as is available on JavaME. Maybe implement
Class.getResourceAsStream in such a way to read files from
/res/files with Strings and not integer ids.

** 2 **
Android.view.View should also have a rect specific way
to postInvalidate. Right now you can only postInvalidate
the whole screen. Better yet, get rid of postInvalidate
completely and provide a proper implementation of invalidate
that would work regardless of which thread it is called
from. Just like JavaME.

** 3 **
Provide a way *not* to combine View.invalidates together
because union of a small top rectangle with a small bottom
rectangle forces a large rectangle into the screen and
that is slow. Games (and other) apps update small rects in
different areas so it is best not to combine (do a union)
of these rects.

** 4 **
Provide a way for the app to request all pending invalidates
to be processed immediately. Like what is available on JavaME
with serviceRepaints. Basically the code following serviceRepaints
can be guaranteed that the canvas bitmap would be up to date
so getPixels/setPixels would be synchronized properly. Without
this it is a nightmare to figure out on a multi-threaded app
when things are ready for visual processing or not.

** 5 **
Remove the few (6) Javax.microedition (JavaME) classes from
android.jar. Basically provide a complete implementation of
JavaME, or don't provide anything at all.

** 6 ** should return colors in
argb, it returns them in abgr.
Re: [android-developers] Android bug reports... Herval 11/23/07 10:50 AM
Dude, the bug #6 is killing me since day one!!!!

Re: Android bug reports... cbazza 11/24/07 2:39 PM
Forgot to mention this one

** 7 **
There is something wrong when creating "png" Bitmaps
with[] imageData,
int offset, int length)
The image looses detail and looks terrible. I have a pile of these to
pass on that look great on PC, Blackberries and Cellphones but
terrible on Android (Best Buy logo for example).

Re: Android bug reports... cbazza 11/26/07 7:33 AM
another one...

** 8 ** should have a version that accepts
"processAlpha". Right now the alpha value is ignored.

Re: Android bug reports... rtreffer 11/26/07 8:50 AM
** 9 **
Android is limited to "-qemu -net nic -net user" networking on eth0.
This limits the default android network device. E.g.
- ICMP is not possible (most noteworth: ICMP/Echo, better known as
- Opening priviledged ports (<1024)
As well as most "advanced" networking options.
It is possible to open a second device, but it's impossible to change
eth0 due to some hardcoded assumptions in adb initialization.
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Re: [android-developers] Re: Android bug reports... lordhong 11/26/07 11:13 AM
is there a dedicated email/forum for bug reporting?

sending bug reports in group discussion seems odd... and often than
not overlooked/ignored.


Re: [android-developers] Re: Android bug reports... eyedol 11/26/07 11:17 AM
I agree. We should get a bug tracker.


Re: Android bug reports... gaz 11/26/07 3:50 PM
Dan, you can't be serious. How do you track bugs and all the
information that gets attached to it, using a groupware interface?
You need to setup a public bugzilla, and you need to dedicate one or
more headcounts in handling it (not only from an IT POV, that's pretty
trivial, but from a bug screening POV - remove junk entries, mark
duplicates, route bugs to proper developer groups, etc...).

On Nov 26, 10:38 am, "Dan Morrill" <> wrote:
> Everyone -- thanks, this is awesome.  Keep these reports coming, please!
> We will get these logged.
> - Dan
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Re: Android bug reports... walterc 11/26/07 10:05 PM
** 10 **
LinearLayout does not relayout after changing its child view from
setVisibility(View.GONE) to setVisibility(View.VISIBLE)

** 11 **
in View
why "public void setKeyListener(OnKeyListener l)"
when "public void setOnClickListener(OnClickListener l)"?
why not "public void setOnKeyListener(OnKeyListener l)"?

in LinearLayout
why "protected void layOutHorizontal()"
when everything else is "layout" or "Layout"?

in layout xml files
why some attributes have "_" and some are camel-cased?

#11 above is just my personal gripe but don't you guys do code review?

Re: Android bug reports... Ivan Čukić 11/27/07 4:53 AM
To copy here from two separate threads - for reference purposes.

** 12 **
SQLite3 cursors don't have the update support:

Cursor c = database.query("SELECT * FROM Developers", null);

c.supportsUpdates() returns false.

** 13 **
Annotation API exist but annotations are not implemented.

When trying to do a
  Object o = new Object();

It raises an exception:
"native method not implemented"
  java.lang.Class.getDeclaredAnnotations(Native Method)
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Re: [android-developers] Re: Android bug reports... lordhong 11/27/07 7:43 AM
you can just setup a bugzilla somewhere on your network, just need a
standalone web server ($400 desktop will do), can even run off over
DSL line if for security reason u dont want it to be part of google
network/datacenter, and that's it.  we can keep submitting bugs and
you review it once in awhile... seems there's more corporate red-tapes
to me than anything technically-challenge :)
Re: Android bug reports... gaz 11/27/07 9:59 AM
How can ppl check the bug database to see eventual resolutions? Or
feed more information to the bug? Or how can the developer ask the bug
reporter for more details and yet this remain logged?
The internal and external problem would have been magically solved
from day one, if this were to be an open source project from the

On Nov 26, 9:31 pm, "Dan Morrill" <> wrote:
> Unfortunately there is currently no externally-accessible issue-tracking
> system.
> We are considering how we might implement such a system, but we don't have
> an answer yet.  The biggest snag is simply keeping our internal issue
> tracker in sync with an external one.  So, it's a process problem, rather
> than a technical problem.
> - Dan
Re: Android bug reports... 11/27/07 10:01 PM
I've created small Wiki section for known bugs (don't like bugzilla,
but may be will set up something else later). So, if anybody else
help, "known bugs" section will be always up to date. Anyway I'll be
updating it on base of this maillist and android-internals for my
personal purposes.

Of course it's clumsy solution (and only useful a little bit for
developers, not googlers), but till we have no official bug tracker -
may be useful.

here this section:

Bugs are divided in three subsections by me, may be not correctly, so
edit it yourself, or kick me.

Best regards,
Re: [android-developers] Re: Android bug reports... Valerio Schiavoni 11/28/07 3:41 AM
I've setup this :

where we can track bugs and so on. At least, as long as we don't have
a public tracker, we can use that on.

If this causes problems, I'll suddendly delete the project!


Re: [android-developers] Re: Android bug reports... Ben Lau 12/4/07 7:54 PM
I have encountered the same problem. I need to change the ABGR to ARGB
manually. However, the speed is too slow...
Re: Android bug reports... Ivan Čukić 12/5/07 11:02 AM
** 15 **
No-exception-reported program-terminated when the set(object, value)
method of java.lang.reflect.Field is invoked with null as a value. The
Field in question is a String.
Re: Android bug reports... baldmountain 12/5/07 12:59 PM
** 16 ** generates some CRC errors on valid zip files. The
truezip Java library decodes the same files on android without error.

Re: Android bug reports... sergkr 12/6/07 5:20 AM
From other posts:

** 17 **

I tried the code below and noticed something strange. If you call this
code for a particular event, it plays the mp3 exactly for 9 calls. On
the 10th call the emulator crashes.

** 18 **

Media Player does not play anything from network, neither with http
nor rtsp links. It loads some data in buffer but there is no sound (or
error messages) at all.
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Re: Android bug reports... Tucka 12/27/07 8:22 AM
** 20 **

It should be possible to reference other Eclipse projects with Eclipse
Re: Android bug reports... José L. Berenguel 12/28/07 12:06 PM
** 21 **

From other post:

My problem is similar: When using a Database, there is a moment in
which openDatabase() return null (and Database exist).
Re: Android bug reports... cirion 12/29/07 1:17 PM