second local manifest not detected

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second local manifest not detected Raziel23x 10/11/12 9:14 PM
repo init -u git:// -b jellybean

curl -L -o .repo/local_manifest.xml -O -L

curl -L -o .repo/local2_manifest.xml -O -L

When I do repo sync my local2_manifest.xml is ignored am I making it incorrectly or can repo nut handle more then two?

It follows the instructions in both CyanogenMod default.xml and the STS-DEV-TEAM local_manifest but it ignores my changes what am I doing wrong

Re: [android-building] second local manifest not detected Jean-Baptiste Queru 10/12/12 7:27 AM
That's not supported as far as I know. There are some thoughts about
how to extend that mechanism, I expect we'll see some progress in the
next month or two (there's a Gerrit hackathon soon).

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