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Re: [android-building] Re: Working on AOSP in Eclipse (or IDEA) Jean-Baptiste Queru 10/3/12 9:31 AM
... and if you find that it's not ready by the time you need it, you
might be the one updating it :)


On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Sebastiano <> wrote:
> Thanks a lot, I'm going to try it! Fortunately I'm not working on Jelly Bean
> yet, but I'm going to have to soon. Hope Jean Baptiste Queru and all the
> other AOSP guys will update it before I'm going to need it :)
> Sebastiano
> On Tuesday, October 2, 2012 5:19:32 PM UTC+2, Weston Weems wrote:
>> I've had a decent amount of luck with this and intellij idea.
>> Basically what I did was create a new project with existing source, picked
>> the android root... then when its prompting me to select src folders and
>> libs, I basically removed anything outside of frameworks/ (especially all
>> the tests etc).
>> Once it does all of its indexing, I go through and removed unused libs.
>> If you've made SDK changes you'd like to see updated in code completion
>> etc... make updateapi and then make sdk to build an android.jar. Then you
>> should select this as the sdk to develop against.
>> Its been considerably messier in the jellybean build... lots of jumping
>> through hoops with it there. It'd be nice to just get the ipr/iml files,
>> since its a nice solid project structure file (whereas eclipse is magic use
>> of folders etc)
>> Weston Weems
>> On Tuesday, October 2, 2012 6:32:09 AM UTC-7, Sebastiano wrote:
>>> I resorted into creating a bug for this:
>>> Any input that might lead me the right way would be appreciated, thou --
>>> I see many people having IDEs in their AOSP workflow, is it possible that no
>>> how-to exist?
>>> Sebastiano
>>> On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:52:36 PM UTC+2, Sebastiano wrote:
>>>> Yeah, I tried getting the project files from that folder as specified by
>>>> the link in the OP, but those instriuctions do refer to an older version of
>>>> Eclipse and there's no mention at all about IDEA. Could you please tell me
>>>> if those are still valid? Many things have changed their places in Eclipse.
>>>> For example, there's no "Create project from existing source" in the New
>>>> Java Project wizard...
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 2:18:05 AM UTC+2, WeldFire wrote:
>>>>> Have you gotten a chance to look in the AndroidSource/development/ide
>>>>> folder?
>>>>> It was really helpful to me when I was starting out. I currently am
>>>>> using eclipse to make edits to JRO03R android 4.1.1. There are a ton of
>>>>> invalid errors, but it is better than a standard text editor such as GEdit.
>>>>> On Monday, September 24, 2012 7:10:06 AM UTC-5, Sebastiano wrote:
>>>>>> Hi everybody, Iam pretty new to Android building. I have successfully
>>>>>> managed to build and run a custom Android image, and have found these
>>>>>> instructions to add AOSP to Eclipse:
>>>>>> Unfortunately, they're quite outdated (they're for Eclipse 3.4, and
>>>>>> many things have changed since then) and I can't get them to work. I also
>>>>>> noticed that in the /development/ide folder there's an intellijidea folder,
>>>>>> which would let me think you can work on Android sources in IDEA, which
>>>>>> would be perfect, since I vastly prefer the latter IDE to the former. The
>>>>>> problem is, I can't seem to get it working on either. I'm working on Android
>>>>>> 1.6 sources at the moment, and I'm quite tired of having to use GEdit to
>>>>>> work on the sources, so any help would be immensely appreciated on this.
>>>>>> Thanks and have a great day,
>>>>>> Sebastiano
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