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Re: Foxit Reader on Win98 (pdf files) Ed 8/10/10 10:39 AM
On 10/08/10 16:53, Robert Macy wrote:
> On Aug 10, 5:40 am, Ed <ex@directory> wrote:
>> On 09/08/10 16:38, Robert Macy wrote:
>>> Usually works great reading all pdfs, but....
>>> Foxit Reader, Version 2.0 Build 1516
>>> Does this bomb your system as much as mine?  We're talking total blue
>>> screen and reboot with major interruption.  Happens off and on, and
>>> especially if I open more than 1 or 2 pdf's at the same time.
>>> Plus, when I do a search for text, any text, it never comes up, even
>>> though I'm looking right at the text.
>>> Better reader for Win98 out there?
>> Following the problems that you described above  prompted me to try and
>> upgrade my own version of Foxit Reader on Win98SE.
>> I have now installed Version 4.1.1.  (That was done with KernelEx
>> already in place).
>> It seems to work very very well indeed with none of the aforesaid
>> limitations.  So, hopefully,  no need to look for another Reader.
>> Of course, I need to give it a full workout, but so far so good.
>> Why don't you give it go?
>> Ed
> Does 'kernel' cause any problems?  

I'm a novice as regards KernelEX.

But recently I wanted to install Flash 10 on my Win98SE machine and
there were a poster on here (called 98guy) who gave very helpful and
explicit instructions on how to go about this which involved installing
KernelEX first.

KernelEX (v 4.5) did not adversely affect any of my pre-existing
applications. At least not so far as I have noticed. Other people can
advise better from their experience.

With KernelEx in place,  I have now added:

Flash WIN 10,0,12,36
Opera 10.60
Foxit Reader 4.1.1
Firefox 3.6.8

All of these apps seem to run fine. But no extensive testing with any of
these, so there may be limitations that I will encounter.

KernelEX does not convert your Win98 OS to Windows 2000/XP but it does
give extra functionality to allow for some additional programs to be
installed on Win98 which would otherwise be impossible.

>What happens if the application
> calls out for something not available on Win98?  For example, I have
> several gerber viewers that give error message that say linked ???
> referenced in ???.dll does not exist.  And my Motorola RAZR phone
> interface through the USB port won't work, I at least get power to the
> phone, but can't talk to the phone.
> Will kernel allow me to run those, or is it just allow me to 'install'
> those?

Well, if something is not available, then it is not available eh?  You
could try installing the missing .dll But you could also try installing
KernelEX and reload the apps that are currently  giving problems. Maybe
you might find that you get the extras that are needed for them to run.
Me, I can't advise here. I am out of my depth on this.

Let us know how you get on, as there are loads of Win98 users about who
are keen to stretch this system as far as it will go.


Re: Foxit Reader on Win98 (pdf files) Ed 8/10/10 11:01 AM