50 Commonly Asked Questions at the USCIS Marriage Interview

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Q.   What do they ask at the USCIS Marriage Interview?
A.    By Attorney Mitchell Cohen, Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Here is a List 50 commonly asked questions by immigration officers at
the marriage interview.   It is just a sampling; there are hundreds
more.     I hope the readers will find this useful.

1.        What is your current address?
2.        Who lives at your address?
3.        Do you have a home phone number; what is it?
4.        What your cell #?
5.        What is your spouse's cell #?
6.        What is your spouse's date of birth?
7.        How, when and where did you meet your spouse?
8.        Did you exchange telephone numbers?  Who gave who the telephone
9.        How many days after you first saw her/him  did you call her/him?
10.        When did you see your spouse a second time?
11.        What did you do with her/him?
12.        Where and with whom did your spouse live when you met your
13.        Did she ever come up to see you?
14.        Where did your spouse work when you met your him/her?
15.        What type of work did he/she do?
16.        Where did your spouse work when you met?  What type of work did
your spouse do?
17.        What type of work does your spouse do?   Where does your spouse
work?   How long has your spouse been working there?
18.        What is your spouse's work schedule?
19.        What is your spouse's salary?  How often is your spouse's salary
paid?  Is it cash, check, etc?
20.        Are both of these salaries deposited into the same bank account?
21.        What bank account do you use?  Is this the only bank account you
each have?   Do either of you have another bank account?   If yes,
22.        Who pays the bills?
23.        Did your spouse have a car when you met?   What model, color, etc?
24.        Are these the cars you and your spouse current drive?
25.        If not, when did you and/or your spouse change cars?
26.        If you now have cars, how much money is owed on them?   How much
is the monthly payment?
27.        How long did you and your spouse date prior to getting married?
28.        When did you and your spouse decide to get married?   Was there a
proposal?  Who proposed?   When and where did it take place?
29.        Did you and your spouse live together prior to your marriage?
When, where, how long?
30.        Have you and your spouse exchanged wedding bands?   If yes, when?
31.        Where were they purchased and how much did each cost?
32.        Did you purchase them together?
33.        Who paid for them?  What method of payment was used?
34.        When did you and your spouse move in together?
35.        Who moved in with whom?
36.        What furniture/article did the person moving in bring to the new
37.        When did you get married?
38.        IF you had a celebration, what food/beverages were served?
39.        Who catered the celebration?
40.        Did you and your spouse go on a honeymoon?  If yes, where did you
41.        How did you purchase the honeymoon travel package, or who made the
arrangements for the trip?   How much money did the honeymoon cost?
42.        How long did you travel for?
43.        How did you get to your honeymoon destination?
44.        Who pays the rent/mortgage?  How is it paid? (Do you mail it?
Hand-deliver it?)
45.        Where does your landlord live, or what company holds the mortgage
on your property?
46.        How many sleeping rooms does your home have?
47.        Are all the sleeping rooms on the same side of the home?
48.        What size bed do you and your spouse have?
49.        How many pillows do you and your spouse sleep with?
50.        Describe the pieces of furniture in your bedroom?   Color,
material, etc.

This article does not constitute legal advice and does not substitute
for the advice of an immigration lawyer familiar with the facts of
your individual case.  If you have a question, please contact
Attorney Cohen for a consultation: http://mjcohenlaw.googlepages.com.
(c) 2008 by Mitchell J. Cohen.   All Rights Reserved.

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are the children interviewed? I applied for my teen step children.
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