Some toys I would really like to see.

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Some toys I would really like to see. Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 7/8/12 2:43 AM
Computron: We're getting a combiner team with the video game
Combaticons, but it doesn't really represent the characters we know
and love. Screw it. Don't need it, don't want it. The Technobots, on
the other hand... their modes are futuristic, so they would accept a
bit of flexibility to their designs to accommodate combiner bits. The
toys could be cross-sold as TF:Prime and Generations toys.

Since Bruticus looks like a weird tiny-bodied freak, I think
Scattorshot would need to be a Voyager, with the rest being deluxish.

Generations Lockdown: The IDW Drift miniseries apparently featured
Lockdown, using the ROTF design to represent the NeoG1 character. But
the ROTF design aesthetic doesn't really work for G1, although it
works better for Lockdown than pretty much any other character, and
frankly ROTF Lockdown kind of sucks.

Generations Flywheels: The Duocons were an interesting idea,
implemented badly, and really never featured in any meaningful
fiction. But, it's an idea that could be implemented better now.

Generations ActionMaster Two-Pack: Grimlock and Shockwave. Ok, I
really cannot imagine that they would ever do this, but Generations
really should be a celebration of Transformers throughout the years,
not just the popular years. I suppose it should be short-packed, and
carry a warning sticker that neither figure transforms.

TF:Prime Scorponok: I think he would change the dynamic of the show,
for the better. In the more Classics style, we got the very excellent
Energon Scorponok a few years back, and I really doubt that Hasbro/
Takara is going to make a version that better matches the G1
character. I am annoyed that none of the 3rd parties have created
headmaster kits of him, but I can live. In a new continuity, however,
they would have a lot more freedom to experiment and do something the
same but different.

Generations Galvatron, non-sucky version.

Generations Strika and Obsidian would be fun, and if BM is to be
believed, they must have been running around somewhere in G1. Faction
symbols on rotating panels or something, since I'm pretty sure they
have both been both Autobot and Decepticon.