Peter Heath, OBE, (1914-2003)

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Peter Heath, OBE, (1914-2003) Michael Rhodes 1/15/03 4:40 PM
Peter Heath, OBE, Deputy Chairman of Inchcape and Co., Ltd, 1976-79,
died 12 January, 2003, after a long illness. He was 88.

(Edward) Peter Heath was born 6 June, 1914, and educated at St
Lawrence College, Ramsgate.

Career: joined Borneo Co. Ltd, 1934; interned in Thailand, 1941-45;
General Manager, Borneo Co. Ltd, 1953-63; a Managing-Director,
1963-67; a Managing Director, Inchcape & Co. Ltd, 1967-75; Director:
Mann Egerton & Co. Ltd, 1973-79; Dodwell & Co. Ltd, 1974-79; Inchcape
Far East Ltd, 1972-79; Chairman, Toyota GB and Pride & Clark, 1978-79;
Matheson & Co. Ltd, 1980-83; Director: Matheson Motor Holdings,
1981-83; Lancaster Group Holdings, 1981-83; Deputy Chairman: Hong Kong
Association, 1975-79; Anglo-Thai Society, 1975-85.

He was a member of the Order of the White Elephant [5th Class] of
Thailand; & the Order of Orange Nassau, Netherlands.

Heath, latterly of Albury, Surrey, was appointed OBE in 1946.

He married in 1953, Eleanor Christian Peck, by whom he had one son,
David, and three daughters, Jane, Pamela and Jocelyn.

The funeral takes place at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Albury,
Guildford, Surrey, 22 January, 2003.

-- Michael Rhodes.