Juxa Plantation South Carolina Haunting

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Juxa Plantation South Carolina Haunting Way Of The Ray 10/31/01 5:49 AM

Ghost sightings
Owner of Juxa Plantation, visitors says ghosts roam property

By LINDA CONLEY   The (Spartanburg) Herald-Journal

Many claim Upstate inn haunted
UNION -- Juxa Plantation in Union County advertises that it has
something for everyone -- including a ghost in the old Gregory family

Owner Nola Bresse said she was burning leaves in the graveyard several
years ago when she saw what appeared to be a tall and slender man with a
long wispy beard. She could see through the bottom of his beard, which
was so long that it hung down to his chest.

"I felt someone looking at me, and there he was," she said. "He was
there one minute, and then he wasn't."

Bresse believes it could have been the ghost of Jehu Gregory, who died
more than 100 years ago. Gregory's grave is on the grounds of the
plantation. His marker says he left behind a widow and 10 children.

Bresse said guests at her inn at the plantation have had other
encounters. "People have heard singing, and one woman saw a hoop skirt
going up the stairs," she said. "I had another guest who said someone
was tugging on her pillow in the middle of the night, and she told it to
stop and it went away."

Bresse said Isaac Gregory purchased the property in 1776. The family
remained on the land until after the Civil War. It was next owned by the
Sartor family.

About 10 years ago, Bresse and her husband, Joe, purchased the estate
and converted it into an inn. They are now selling Juxa Plantation.

"Maybe when word gets out about the ghosts, I will be able to get a good
deal on the plantation," she joked.

Juxa Plantation South Carolina Haunting L and J W. 11/14/01 11:20 AM
I want to buy a haunted house... then charge admission lol
"Way Of The Ray" <way...@ix.netcom.com> wrote in message
Juxa Plantation South Carolina Haunting gerril...@gmail.com 11/12/15 7:56 AM
A friend of mine owned this in 1980's and I happened to stay there for a visit approximately 2 weeks. I it was odd and cold feeling as if someone is always watching you. Interesting info to read about now and look back at