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Aurora State of Mind ARW23 7/25/12 1:32 AM
It was not dawn yet, but it was happening in Aurora.

As horrible and tragic as it already appears, it seems, to me,
politicians and experts are just adding to it.

Politicians and many others by saying; "This is not a good time to
discuss the gun laws/issues." Really? WHEN is a good time? If not NOW
then WHEN? In my opinion it is irresponsible not to talk about it now.
Yea, let's just do nothing about it.

Experts by trying to explain "WHY" this happened. Endless speculations
after speculations. Why not ask the shooter? I mean he is still alive
and available. I think he is the only one who has the answers. Don't
they have psychologists or some sort of social workers in prisons who
can talk to him and let the public know WHY he did this?  I would like
to know about his psychological, social and neurological landscape.
After all, he was on his way to become neuroscientist?! What snapped
in his brain? I want to hear it from him!