Journalists Harassed in Callifornia, BAnking WArs Escalating In California, Freelance Journalists Silenced and Attacked and Maimed

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Journalists Harassed in Callifornia, BAnking WArs Escalating In California, Freelance Journalists Silenced and Attacked and Maimed Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club 6/27/13 11:47 AM

The state of California has been dealt some death through explosions with some very close calls where the fuel did not explode.  I am an investigative journalist and former FDIC bank examiner who has witnessed the banking wars escalate in the USA.  In the end I have deduced that the USA is not controlled by Americans at all but international groups who control the money and resources, and war is always imminent in some arenas  -- banking is one of them.  If you control the nations money supply, you control that nation.

I am Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone   See Mobile Audit Club website and Youtube saintrambone videos.

Here is the email sent to Chase And Associates out of Tampa.  I have contacted Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions in London as well.  I am beginning to think the entire thing is a ruse.  Protect your young from their predators and predator industries.  We are in a war for survival on Prison Planet Earth.

FDIC Bank Examiner seeks Employment, Links Explosion to possible Banker and Banking War,

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Ladies and Gentleman

I am a former FDIC bank examiner and later a freelance investigative journalist.  I want to give you some leads on a few things involving attempted murder or possibly even murder in relation to retaliation or vendetta or pressure to do certain things in banking oversight.  I am also seeking employment and will work on per diem or on barter.  I would like to have a large sailing vessel  or a home with some land, a farm.  I will work on bounty hunts but I prefer to not be the one to carry the gun because the government has called me a criminal after I caught them in food funds thievery, money laundering, murder, and maiming the innocent.  

My name is Kurt Brown and I have an alias I created for publicity when I was in fear for my life and wanted publicity.  That alias is Saint Ram Bone.  

An explosion in 2010 in San Bruno California was likely a vendetta or attack regarding banking penalties and other matters involving one of several banks in the USA.   As a former Shipfitter who built oil rigs I can not express to you how it easy it is to move a piece of large pipe such as a pipeline or an oil rig leg and creature a fracture.  

When I was a bank examiner for the FDIC in Roseville California in 1999 my boss, KJ, informed me that his neighborhood was evacuated in Rocklin California due to a jet fuel spill in which it was bubbling up from the ground.

We as  FDIC bank examiners had interviewed a man from Reno Nevada who wanted a bank charter issued in Roseville California.  He stunk of perfumes, had greasy black hair, was coated in jewelry on his hands and his neck and he drove a brand new convertible luxury sports car.    The bank charter issuance request was just before the time of the fuel leak in Rocklin, California in 1999, or a few days before.  It is on the web if you dig.  They have it listed as diesel but my boss KJ told me it was Jet fuel.

  A pipeline runs from Reno to Rocklin which seemed to make it an easy points case.   I think there could have been a fight with  the Asians or the Latinos for money laundering and it could have been a set up also.  Xu Chaofan, Xu Guojun would enter the USA in 2001 from BOC in Macau with an alleged 483 million USA dollars and Donna Tanoue of Hawaii was the FDIC board chairman.    I only knew of the BOC incident after an explosion almost hit me in 2004 in Braman Oklahoma, a falling burning object from the sky.  Braman OK is between OKC OK and Wichita KS.    The explosion was very large and about a quarter to a half of a mile from the highway.  It took me a long time to figure out the connection.  I was very sick from stroke at the time or perhaps what ever they did to me while I was unconscious in 2004 after being injected and knocked unconscious with forced injections in Flagstaff Arizona with federal approval.

The banker from Reno also squirmed and mumbled to a banker on the other side during the bank charter issuance in Roseville in 1999.    It was the Bank of the Redwoods or Bank of the West or something like that.    I mentioned the unusual nature of the man to one of the other bank examiners, one a Spaniard and another a small man likely of Spanish or Italian bloodline.  That one told me that I was not used to other peoples culture.  The cut throat culture of mafia and hoodlums I am very well acquainted and this one might have worn a 24 k gold necklace fit for a prostitute of higher virtue and I would wager one of the men with me was receiving payment or instruction on what to do in the bankers case.

I do not recall all things as I should.  I have been forcibly injected many times with federal approval in the USA.  I have been diagnosed as having suffered a stroke from the injections.   The first time it happened the government at LA VA Westwood hospital ignored evidence that a Sheriff was a thief, Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama, and that he was starving his long term inmates.  They also ignored the fact I had been attacked earlier that year and had contacted 911 in Mobile Alabama.  Tillman had taken my gun permit after an attack on my life and I was going to report his thievery to a Comcast news camera at a city council meeting on 4/3/2001.  He wanted me killed or locked up.  I had let him know that I knew there was thievery and starvation at his jail and that I wanted an audit.

I had been testing to detect murderers at the FDIC San Francisco in February 2001 and I was trailed and attacked.  The regional director prior at FDIC San Francisco allegedly killed himself in his office in the early 1990s.  I would say with 95 percent probability he was murdered.   Thomas Crane Wales federal judge in Seattle was killed by an anarchist according to the FBI.  I had leads telling me that it was a banking murder that occurred on 10/11/2001.  I was shut down in 2001 from all investigations and my life was thrown in the toilet.  My wife was even harassed at her work as a nurse.  I was labeled criminal and insane.  Since that time I have cleared my record for gun ownership but I am still treated like a felon in federal employment.  

A doctor told me I also had severe neuropathy in my hands.   The doctor said my brain synapses are likely burned from the chemicals  they injected into me.  I need work so I can get good health insurance.  I will work for per diem and health insurance.   I am degreed in accounting, mass communications, and am trained in medicine and programming, and I also am a theoretical scientist of sorts and have discovered a somewhat new weapon or at least the Betz end of it.  Page Love Line 12 on Mobile Audit Club will show you my theory if you do a ctrl f for Betz and it is one of the entries near the bottom of the page.   The website is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer because some of the pages are large and they require you to do a refresh to view them without html code being viewable.

The banker I had mentioned from Nevada who came to Roseville stunk of perfumes, had greasy black hair, was coated in jewelry on his hands and his neck and he drove a brand new convertible luxury sports car.    He also squirmed and mumbled during the bank charter issuance.    

Later I was in Hawaii at a bank examination and my boss, a female who might have been a male in drag,  wanted me to go up to her hotel room at night to crunch figures or something.  I told her no.   When I got back to the office in the continental USA I made note that I was going to file an EEOC complaint for some other things that had happened and for the poor rating the woman gave me on the bank examination.  Her rating caused me to be terminated for unsatisfactory performance.  I was afraid I would be injected or something of that sort if I went to her or his room after hours.   AFter all the prior boss was shot in his head, and I suspected deep syndicate influence in the Roseville FDIC office due to the bank charter issuance and the fuel spill.

I have more if you want it.  I need work.  I would really like to get a free flight to Tampa to meet your organizations employees.  I want to discuss Martin Woods also.   Why a UK auditor?  One of our bank examiners in charge was in a heated shouting match once in the Tenderloin office of the FDIC in San Francisco in 2000 after we had examined a bank in Santa Rosa California.       JT and I were alone in the office away from the main San Francisco FDIC office.  I called it the Tenderloin office because we had no real security and the building was sub-grade.  JT was the Examiner in Charge.  He was shouting loudly.  I had a man go behind me some where and some men went into JTs office.  I waited to see if they would kill each other.  I really wanted my gun that day.  I finally went to urinate and heard a scuffle of feet as they were leaving.  I did not know if he had been injected and abducted.  Check his head for cotton gauze but he is a loud butt-head so don't be alarmed.  

I am in dire straits and need work.  I have tried to get work with no avail.  The best I can do is draw IUD from the federal government and remember that I carry a pink slip from the FDIC.  IUD and a pink slip equals a prostitutes work but some things are cheaper than FDIC.

Please call me or give me a referral.  If you know Martin Woods attorneys name please let me know.   I want to sue on behalf of outcast federal USA bank examiners.  I am concerned A.L. may have been killed in Flagstaff Arizona.   He was an FDIC bank examiner who told me that I should run for my life and then he left the office forever in 1999 right after the fuel spill in Rocklin California.   I was injected there  in Flagstaff Arizona and knocked unconscious in 2004 while seeking health care and running a test on what would happen if you reported a possible nuclear spill.   I was diagnosed in 2004 with the stroke after the forced injections incident.  

I was told to sue but I forgot the diagnosis until 2011.   My memory was sort of hazy and knocked out and still is a bit.

I am in good health and can work.  I will work for per diem and barter or for payment.    I will do bounty work and am good at tracing and auditing and investigations but someone else would have to carry the gun if needed.  The government tortures me for gun ownership and  I think their internal syndicates would gladly kill me or falsely accuse me.  

I need employment.  I am an artist and a scientist and an auditor and investigator and former USN military quartermaster.

I have a website titled Mobile Audit Club.  I used it first as a way to alert others I was under attack.  Now I use it as a blog for science and banking theories and entertainment and more.  I need work.  Forgive my rant if it offends you.  I am really a pussy cat.

Mobile Audit Club

Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone