The City Inside Of Mt. Shasta. Part 4 of 4.

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The City Inside Of Mt. Shasta. Part 4 of 4. John Winston 10/7/10 10:51 PM
Subject: The City Inside Of Mt. Shasta.    Part 4 of 4.
Oct. 7, 2010.

This talks about a web site dealing with Telos.


Lailel (C-anneler). "Greetings from Adama of Telos"
Salem New Age Center. 29 Nov. 2005.

Evaluating a Web Site
I have selected an important and, the best known, web
site related to the subject of Telos: Aurelia Louie
Jones web site entitled "The Lemurian Connection".  Ms.
Jones is the author of the web site and an expert on
the subject of Telos. She is a M-nister of two
important s-iritual groups, the Brotherhood of Light
and the Order of Melchizedek. She ch-nnels Adama,.
the great spi-itual leader and teacher of Telos and the
important Priest of Telos.
She wrote two crucial books on Telos: Telos - Volume 1:
Revelations of the New Lemuria and Telos - Volume 2:
Teachings for the Enlightenment of Humanity in
Transformation. Ms. Jones explains their significance:
"These books are very important tool for understanding
the future of the planet and for the understanding of
how life was really meant to live here, and how we can
change our present reality to a far better world." She
holds events and workshops about Lemuria in Mount
Shasta. She also presents lectures and workshops in
French countries that include France, Belgium,
Switzerland, and Quebec in Canada. I vouch for Ms. Jones
fine character and credibility.
The main focus and heart of the Web Site are chan-eling
tapes given by Adama. Several titles are The Last W-r
on this Planet - A Candle of Hope, How to Raise One's
Conscious, and 2004 Emergence Updates. These tapes offer
profound insights and the destination for our planet
and oneself.
The purposes of the web site are these: the informative
purpose seeks to educate the public about the nature of
Telos and the Lemurian teachings. She states the
idealistic aims of the web site: "Our aim is to help
each other in opening our collective consciousness so
to create a world which enables us to live in peace and
and harmony, with the perspective of a better
understanding of the human fraternity. We aim for
universal love and unity regrouping all r-ces and all
nations into one big family." The other purpose is
commercial. She seeks to sell her books, channe-ings
with Adama, and special workshops around the world.
The content of the web site is well organized and is
presented for easy communication. The categories
include About Mt. Shasta, About Lemuria and Telos,
Adama's Corner, About Aurelia Louise Jones, Channe-ing,
C-anneling Session with Adama, Calender of Events,
Books, Mailing List, Contacts, Links, and Other
The web site demonstrates competence, clarity, and
appeal. The text is legible and easy reading. The pages
are well organized. The graphics are attractive and well
designed. The information is adequate and is useful for
understanding Telos. Her word use, grammar and spelling
are well done.  There are several weaknesses. She needs
more colorful graphics. The audience must consider that
the web site is biased toward the reality of Telos and
its excellence and goodness.
I would be surprised and disappointed if the web site
is not telling the truth. I believe that Ms. Jones is a
lady devoted to telling the truth, creating a better
planet, and living high and noble spir-tual values.
Despite threats on her life, she continues the web site
and her mission for planetary ascension and emergence.
I was in her presence when she discussed threats to her
life. I was impressed with her courage and commitment..
Her credibility is the big question of this web site! I
believe it is excellent.
Analysis of the Project
These meanings are within the Project. The challenge is
to prove the validity of the reality of Telos. I hope
that I shall succeed. The Telos legend and myth is the
story of a planet in beautiful e-olution. A meaning is
the transformation of the planet. When the emergence is
successful the Lemurians and above ground humans will
join together to bring about a paradise world of peace,
prosperity, joy, and wisdom. For the first time in
millenniums the above humanity will experience lives of
happiness, joy, and bliss. Two key processes, ascension
and emergence, are examined, because they are the keys
of transformation. It is an opportunity for me to grow
spir-tually and contribute to a much improved planet.
This project presents a message of hope for the
audience. If humans choose to work with the Telosians
we can create a planet of peace, harmony, universal
love and compassion, and unity of the human ra-e and
all nations into one huge family.
The significance of the composition is four fold.
First, I brought forth information that is vital to
understand the Telosian phenomena. The information
included an overview of the Telosian civilization,
paintings of ancient Lemuria, biographical information
about Adama, fascinating stories about Telos, and the
mission and how to contact Adama. I used pictures as a
means of catching the audience attention and a symbol
for each section. I presented the section called The
Big Mystery: Are Ancient Leumaria and Telos Real? My
purposes were to get the audience to evaluate the
possibility of the existence of Telos and to
demonstrate evidence exists for proving the reality
of Telos. I created a page on connecting to other pages
on the web sites, so members with an interest in a
greater understanding can find more information and
better evaluate the possibility of the reality of
I shall explain the visual symbols of the project. The
picture with a cloud shaped as a UFO shaped cloud hangs
over Mount Shasta, Three symbols are apparent: the
mysterious sa-red civilization of Telos, and the contact
of Telos with extraterrestrial civilization. The
painting of Adama pictures the handsome head priest of
Telos. He stands for the strong leader who is the guide
of emergence and ascension and is helping the above
human rac- to transform to a wonderful utopian world.
Adama is an inspiration for awakening, compassion, and
wisdom. The veil picture stood for the conspiracy by
the U-ited States G-vernment to hide vital information
about Telos from the A-erican public. UFO picture with
two people symbolizes that Telos is in contact with ET
civilizations. The bell photo shows that two Telosian
cities are great bell builders. People cheering for the
wonderful meeting stands for joy of good news and hope
that the meeting is the first step in the emergence and
the journey to a paradise world. The candles stand for
the C-rist Celebration of Telos. The mountain with a
moon and question overhead symbolizes the mystery of
the reality of the Underground City of Mount Shasta.
The last picture of a rocket from the underground
symbolizes Telos as the leader of the Ascension, the
contact of Telos with advanced ET civilizations, and
the journey of two civilizations to creating a heavenly
like planet.
These effects are my hopes from the audience. They will
consider the possibility that ancient Lemuria and Telos
are realities. Two processes of ascension and emergence
are taking place and will produce a paradise world.
The Un-ted States Go-ernment is preventing the
disclosure of historic and important information about
Telos. I ask "Are there sinister motives?" I want to
inform the people of Mount Shasta that Telos is more
than a legend, but a possible reality. I want people to
be aware that it is possible to communicate with Adama.
Above all, I seek to encourage hope that a substantial
better world is on the way!
Telos: My Noble Hope
The archetype of beauty touches my soul. The picture of
a he-venly planet shines in my vision.  Desire for a
splendid future inspires my aspirations. Evol-tion of a
worthy journey sings its song.
B-essed Telos Adama, the model of compassion and
excellence The humanity mission is to create this
partnership. The purpose of this web site to find the
truth of Telos.
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Part 4 of 4.

John Winston.