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Subject: War News from An Phoblacht
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from An Phoblacht/Republican News
Thursday, 28 January 1993

War News:


An RUC Member was shot dead by the IRA in Derry on Saturday, 23
January outside the city's Richmond Shopping Centre.

Oglaigh na hEireann in Derry said that following the arrival of an
RUC patrol at the centre in Shipquay Street a prepared plan was
put into operation.  The area where the attack took place was seen
by the RUC as one which was relatively secure for them.  By their
daring attack Oglaigh na hEireann have left all British occupation
forces with the knowledge that nowhere in the city are they secure
from attack.

The attack was launched at 2.15 pm on Saturday afternoon with a
Volunteer, armed with a handgun taking up a position in the
Diamond area. Other IRA Volunteers were also in the area and
watched as the RUC patrol arrived. One RUC member, armed with an
automatic rifle and a handgun took up a covering position outside
one of the centre's doorways. At this point the Volunteer
approached the RUC member, and shot him dead. The RUC member had
been based in Derry for a two-year period.

Despite the rapid movements of crown forces into Shipquay Street
the Volunteer evaded both these and others ers in the vicinity.

The RUC Divisional Commander for the Derry area, Chief
Superintendent Clive McComb (who personally launched a series of
massive raids on nationalist homes recently in Derry city and
Strabane) gave several media interviews in the aftermath of the
IRA attack. Obviously badly shaken by the IRA operation he said
that "security" in the city centre would have to be immediately


A new mortar recently perfected ny IRA engineers, consisting of
300 lbs. of explosives and with a range of 100 yards, was used by
Volunteers of the Tyrone Brigade in an attack on Clogher RUC
barracks on Wednesday night, 20 January.

Volunteers of the Tyrone Brigade drove the mortar to within 100
yards of the barracks before launching the attack. The mortar
named, "Barrack Buster Mk I," cleared the protective blast walls
of the barracks before exploding, injuring several RUC members.
The barracks suffered structural damage in the blast which was
heard up to 20 miles away.


Tyrone Brigade last weekend exposed a covert British observation
post which was being used by British army undercover units. The
statement said that Volunteers had been keeping under observation
a derelict house in Drumcairn Forest in Stewartstown:

"Oglaigh na hEireann moved in to destroy it on Tuesday, 19
January. The roof was blown and in a follow-up operation the
British forces used a helicopter and ground forces, including a
military ambulance. Local people believe that two British soldiers
were injured in the explosion it is not known how badly they were

Volunteers assembled a 600-lb bomb and placed it in a pipe under a
road in Cappagh at the weekend. A passing British patrol was
fortunate to escape when the firing mechanism failed to detonate
as they drove over the bomb.


Volunteers of the South Fermanagh Brigade, Oglaigh na hEireann
engaged numerically superior British forces on several occasions
along the British government's border. With both the British fixed
positions at Killyvilly and Clonatty Bridge, County Fermanagh,
coming under sustained automatic fire, the crown forces wisely
kept their heads down.

In the first Fermanagh attack on Saturday, 23 January, Volunteers
fired at British soldiers in an observation post at CIonatty
Bridge, Magheraveely, Newtownbutler. Over 200 rounds were fired
from a general purpose machine gun at the British forces. No
return fire was reported. Local people reported that following the
attack British soldiers at the post have been very cautious about
emerging from their reinforced bunkers.

In the second attack at the British checkpoint at Killyvilly near
Roslea on Sunday evening, another 200 machine gun rounds were
fired with no British return fire being reported. A number of
Volunteers were involved in both attacks and increasingly in this
area, fixed British positions are finding themselves very
vulnerable to attack.

At the beginning of last week the Fermanagh Brigade had targeted
an RUC member in Lisnaskea. Fermanagh Brigade said an active
service unit placed an explosive device underneath the RUC
member's car. The device was discovered and later defused.


Belfast Brigade IRA has said in a sbatement that the present
occupiers of a house in Tavanagh Street in the loyalist 'Village'
area have nothing to fear following a continuing operation against
a known UDA death squad member.

In the statement the IRA said that Volunteers entered a house in
Tavanagh Street looking for a UDA member whom they named. The man
is currently out on bail on a charge of possessing photomontages
of nationalists. It was discovered that he had moved out of the
house a short time before Monday's operation.

Following an appeal to the IRA from the new family in the house to
reassure them that they were not the targets of the operation, the
IRA said: "The Coachman fandly have nothing to fear from the IRA.
Our Volunteers were looking for the UDA member, known by sight to
our Volunteers."

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