Minidlna - 3000 songs - looooong time

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Minidlna - 3000 songs - looooong time Krust 9/28/12 6:35 AM


 I’ve upgraded my DNS323 to Alt-f RC2.

I’ve installed minidlna like user package and have issue with it.

Explanation :

Itunes is installed on my PC (Win 7 64) and music is stored on NAS on a directory NAS/Multimedia/Music.

Other directory for the video : NAS/Multimedia/Video

Settings on minidlna :

Music => link to NAS/Multimedia/Music

Video => link to NAS/Multimedia/Video


When click on submit, disks work for the index.

On my network directory on explorer, i can see the minidlna server.

When I click on it, it opens WMP, no problem but :

It only shows exactly 3000 songs ( and when :8200  it shows 15172 songs) and it takes a long long time to reach 3000 songs.


Has anybody an idea ?

Thx in advance and sorry for my bad english ^^