Internet Explorer issues

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Internet Explorer issues João Cardoso 5/15/12 6:40 PM

I recently used Internet Explorer on a Windows Vista machine and found several issues with Alt-F web pages, such as tooltips not showing-up, bookmarks not working, and several other issues, some of then affecting Alt-F working.

I promptly installed Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, and none of the problems I noticed with IE showed-up.

So, for majority of reason (80%!), IE should not be used with Alt-F web pages.

Notice that I'm not saying that IE is a piece of #%"!, and that my poor lame web pages are the greatest, I'm only saying that you should not use it with Alt-F. No flames, please!

Take care and enjoy

PS: I develop Alt-F using Firefox on a linux box.
Re: Internet Explorer issues Miguel Duarte 6/15/12 11:29 AM

IE is a piece of crap! ;)
Re: Internet Explorer issues Gregory Didycz 7/6/17 8:26 AM
Sorry João but IE is a piece of shit! Call an apple an apple, not a orange.
Re: Internet Explorer issues ScDc 9/8/17 11:07 AM
I would also advise caution against using Safari. There is at least one inconsistency with the back button in configurations pages, it's not always land on the expected page. Firefox and Chromium seem to be the golden standard.