Internet Explorer issues

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Internet Explorer issues João Cardoso 5/15/12 6:40 PM

I recently used Internet Explorer on a Windows Vista machine and found several issues with Alt-F web pages, such as tooltips not showing-up, bookmarks not working, and several other issues, some of then affecting Alt-F working.

I promptly installed Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, and none of the problems I noticed with IE showed-up.

So, for majority of reason (80%!), IE should not be used with Alt-F web pages.

Notice that I'm not saying that IE is a piece of #%"!, and that my poor lame web pages are the greatest, I'm only saying that you should not use it with Alt-F. No flames, please!

Take care and enjoy

PS: I develop Alt-F using Firefox on a linux box.
Re: Internet Explorer issues Miguel Duarte 6/15/12 11:29 AM

IE is a piece of crap! ;)