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Licence change tvdeyen 10/25/11 2:12 PM
Hi there,

let us change the licence to something more usable in enterprise environments.

GPL is to restrictive in terms of using OSS together with proprietary software.

A lot of enterprise companies could not fulfill this.

Maybe LGPL? TinyMCE is using this licence too.

Re: Licence change Marc 10/25/11 9:53 PM
Just a thought:
Perhaps a bit to open...
Re: Licence change Thomas von Deyen 10/25/11 11:33 PM
MIT and all the other 'I dont care' licences are way to open.

I want to ensure that Alchemy will stay open and that no one can turn it into a proprietary product.

Re: Licence change tvdeyen 11/1/11 10:38 AM
We took BDS New

Changed in the next_table branch and Part of the upcoming 2.0 release.

Best choice so far. Spree also uses this license. And the projects are very similar.