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Email Encoding iso-8859-1 Pedro Markun 2/27/12 10:31 AM
Hey folks,

most of the emails we're receiving are parsing clearly. But with the house of representatives we've been having some issues with encoding:

I'm almost sure that this has something to do with their system (like declaring one encoding and sending with other?) but decided to throw it here on the list anyway to see if there is some obvious setting I'm forgeting?

Pedro Markun
Re: [alaveteli-dev] Email Encoding iso-8859-1 Seb Bacon 2/28/12 12:30 AM
Hi - when did you last upgrade?

This issue (fixed in 0.5) had similar problems:

The fix wasn't just in code, it also required a new elinks setting
(check "Troubleshooting" in the



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