meeting on the 27th

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meeting on the 27th Chris Watkins 5/20/08 8:23 AM
Hi All,

Forgive me for asking a neophyte question, but I'm new. :) I'm looking
at the meeting on the 27th of May for TDD at HRUG (lots of initials),
and wondering: is this open for anyone to go to? I ask because the
link to the meeting description asks for a login. Actually, has this
meeting been moved? There is an identical description on the HRUG site
for June 24, and no mention of a May meeting.

I've been reading some of the other posts about code dojos and other
exercises, and I think these would be very interesting. I'm trying to
meet more technically minded people around town and think these would
be fun and informative. I've been cowboying my way through a project
for the last six years and desperate to get some ideas for process and
structure to use with my team.