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rate exceeded error Ro 8/9/12 1:16 PM
Hey everyone,
All of a sudden we started to get rate exceeded error, we haven't changed the code nor the campaign data. I tried to reproduce the error on our testing environment using the same campaigns, and the same account and I don't get this error.
Another disclaimer, I saw in the logs that we get this error when we do get operation for service and not even mutate.
1. Do you know by any chance why it started to show up all of a sudden?
2. If I use the MutatedJobService, it will know to handle those issues? even though it supports only mutate operations? (I get the rate exceeded error on get operations as well).
3. I saw in some places that it says rate exceeded error is for # of operations per sec and in some is # of operations per minute, what is the final verdict?
Thanks in advanced for your input.
Re: rate exceeded error Anash P. Oommen 8/10/12 1:34 AM
Hi Ro,

If you are getting RateExceededError, you should gracefully handle it at your end by using an appropriate exception handler and retry mechanism. Yes, MutateJobService can handle them automatically, but you should consider handling the exception properly anyway since you are facing the issue for get() calls as well.

Anash P. Oommen,
AdWords API Advisor.